The NFL Super Bowl And The Hoodie

Posted January 28 2013

   This may be a long shot but with the approaching Super Bowl we wanted to find a connection between our blog and America's favorite sporting event of the year!  Although the New England Patriots won't be in the Super Bowl, they were close this year and share something in common with hoodie sweatshirt.  That's right; the Patriot's head coach Bill Belichick and his sense of fashion is of the utmost importance as bajahoodiez is concerned.  Here's a guy who's not afraid to wear his favorite hoodie sweatshirt no matter the game, the stage, or its significance, never overlooking the importance of comfort and style in one of football's most prestigious jobs - the head coach.  So, here's our shot out to Bill Belichick for inspiring so many others to be true to their sense of good style.