College Sweatshirts: Blue Baja Sweatshirts

Posted October 12 2012

The season of college sports is upon us this fall, and so is the time for showing your school spirit by wearing your favorite college sweatshirts.  At you can find baja sweatshirts in some of the most popular college colors. In this six part blog series we will feature baja sweatshirts that represent your favorite school colors.  This way you can not only wear your favorite baja sweatshirts for their comfort, warmth, and style but also pass as wearing your school colors, making the perfect college sweatshirts. 

 This week features the school color Royal Blue. The Punta Perfecta Baja Sweatshirt in Royal Blue, Light Blue, and Black rightfully represents the school colors of several major Universities. 

  • University of Kentucky


  • Kansas University






  • Duke


What Colleges or Universities can you think of to add to this list that the Blue Baja Sweatshirt can represent?