Eco-Friendly Baja Hoodies: Made from Recycled T Shirts

Posted September 14 2012

At we carry the Original Señor Lopez Baja.  These baja hoodies are manufactured in Mexico with recycled T shirt material.  Eco-Mex is the result of this environmentally friendly process of weaving a cotton, acrylic, polyester fabric from recycled tees into the yarn used to make these one of a kind baja hoodies.  In addition, you'll find the comfort of the Señor Lopez poncho off the charts.  You won't get that scratchy, itchy feel with these baja hoodies.  Any supporter of the green movement would appreciate the efforts of manufacturers like Señor Lopez to outfit their corporation to eco-friendly procedures, yielding significant returns on our environment.  Major props to you Señor Lopez.  

What companies do you know of that support being eco-friendly?