How To Hem Your Jeans Yourself

Posted November 05 2014

DIY Guide to Hemming Jeans

You can find some great clothes for the price at Thrift Stores.  Although, sometimes the sizing selection can be limited.  Say you find the perfect style jeans you've been wanting for weeks or months...but they're just a bit too long.  Before you give up on them and continue shopping, consider hemming them yourself.  It's extremely easy as demonstrated by a wonderful fashion blog by the name of Check them out if you want some other great DIY fashion tips as in styling your own jackets for example.  


Follow the Guideline Below

  • Fold the bottom of the jeans up to create the desired length.  
  • Sew along the original hem.
  • Cut the excess fabric slightly below your newly created hem.
  • Flatten with iron.

Now You Can Alter Your Own Clothing

How good does that feel?  You don't have to pass on your favorite clothes at the thrift store.  Even if they don't fit perfectly you can do simple alterations, especially when it comes to jeans.  Give it a try and enjoy!!  With your newly fitted skinny, boot cut, or straight leg jeans, put on a colorful baja hoodie and you have the the perfect outfit!